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Here’s an Idea – Hiking in Crete in your Free Time!

Thanks to Greece volunteer Lynn Lotkowictz for her recommendation: About 10 years ago, I had to give up running for the usual wear and tear reasons. But the void it left was tremendous.  My job, managing an energetic sales team and support staff, is demanding, and running was how I relieved stress while also managing […]

Tasty Holiday cookies from Greece!

Its that time of the year once again.  A time to indulge, enjoy tasty treats and forget the scales! Here are two recipes that you will find in every household  throughout Greece over the holiday season. Try them out for yourselves you will NOT be disappointed. Melamakarona  ( Walnut and honey cookies) 1 cup vegetable oil […]

A Fun Class – and Then a Cultural Night Out

Mary Sue and I had prepared an outside scavenger hunt with a difference to start the day. We split the class into two groups and we each accompanied a group on the search for various things we had written on a list, such as something of a certain color, hard, soft, small, tall, rectangular, square, […]

Stories of Labyrinths and Minotaurs

Sometimes, for a moment, things go really well if you just let it play out. In anticipation of our proposed afternoon visit to Knossos, we asked the class to tell us what Lesley and I should know before our visit. It appeared that all had been there, but it was one of our advanced students who […]

We Discover Extraordinarily Bright Kids

Today the kids did many different activities. They learned different English verbs such as “eat”, “be hungry”, and “laugh.” With these newly learned verbs we had the girls compete with the boys as we tested their knowledge. During the second half of class time we went over common phrases and sentences with the kids such as […]

First Day of English Classes!

For the first day of class we started off by introducing ourselves. Shortly after, the kids learned to spell their names on construction paper. Then we played a picture game that was very interactive where the kids came to the board one by one and drew a picture. The class then would say what the picture […]

Creating a community among us

Community is what comes to mind as I reflect on our first day in Greece. Our team leader Sam has created a community among us and for us. Our stay is at a hotel owned by a local family Greek family, Dimitris and Suzanna Tsalopoulos. They put out love and generosity by their presence, food, […]

Our Top Ten Service Team Experiences

We celebrated and packed tonight. And we also reflected on the highlights of this experience. Here are our favorites. 1. The bachelor party. How many other teams have been lucky enough to make the guest list at a Greek bachelor party? Um, none. We danced, learned to toast (“Yia Mas!”) ate lamb cooked three different […]

Smarter than a fifth-grader?

Am I smarter than a fifth-grader? Joanna and Irini would say, “No way!” (I’m sure there is a Greek translation.)These 10- and 12-year-olds stayed with Kevin and me for their entire free period today, trying to teach us Greek words and phrases. After much head-slapping and groaning, they seem to have decided we were hopeless. […]


U of Minnesota Students Choose Alternative Spring Break in Greece

alternative spring break in Greece

Working at the St. Spiro’s Center for Special Youth and Adults, a team of University of Minnesota students used their alternative spring break in Greece to help with physical and occupational therapy through academic and recreational activities, including candle-making, woodworking, leather crafts and sports.  One student reviews a week of service and learning: The bus arrived […]