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Volunteer in Greece – August 12

Thursday, August 12 Created by: Mary Rizzolo Quote for the day: I dwell in possibility (Marcy Berlin) After a fun and food filled last night it was difficult to get out of bed this morning. Fortunately there were many incentives – great food, great company and great expectations. Lindsay and Christen had a fun and […]


Greek Orthodox Epiphany Celebrations January 6th

Greek Orthodox Epiphany January 6th 2010 The Greek Festival of Epiphany, or ‘The Blessing of the Waters’, is held every year on January 6 throughout all of Greece. This is the special occasion when many daring young Greek men brave the chilly waters to dive for a cross after it has been blessed by a […]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Submitted by Susan Jensen “A Person needs a little madness, or else they never dare to cut the rope and be free.” – Nikos Kazardzakis After an exhilarating (and a bit exhausting) first day, the team rallied after breakfast to plan for the next few days. Shari suggested we have some topics and vocabulary words […]