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Today Ann H, Molly, Kelley and Sunny continued to work with the children at the Nurturing Center.  They got a new little boy last night so now there are five girls and two boys all aged six and under.  Sunny spent time with Pat who does the cooking at the Safe House making possible menus […]

  We started the day with our team meeting (Message from the sweat via Billy: “No religion’s prayer is stronger than another”).  Molly, Lily, Nadine and Bonnie had a successful first day with the girl scouts.  Sunny, Ann H. and Kelley had a long but rewarding day at the safe house where the evidence of […]

First thing this morning, we heard from those in the community that want our help this week.  Ginny Weeks from the library told us about some of the culture here.  We also met Elva Dorsey from the CDC who does many things for Browning.  Primarily she deals with economic development, but she also helps the […]

by Margaret and Kathy On Thursday, we awakened to huge gusts of wind, threatening grey skies, and periodic rain, but we didn’t let that get in the way of what we knew would be our long but exciting day. We fortified ourselves with a great breakfast before heading out  in various directions. Charlotte, our rocket expert, […]

Morning Message by Robin: “The days pass by slowly, but the years pass by fast.” The hours of a day may pass by slowly, always wishing to be somewhere else, worry about what still remains to be done.  Suddenly, one morning you awake and wonder where the years have gone.  Please remember to use the hours […]

Blackfeet reservation volunteers learn about plants

  by Blackfeet Reservation Volunteer Kelsey It so happened that the morning I wake up with a sore throat and stuffy nose is the same day we go visit the Blackfeet “medicine woman” in Browning. But more about that later. I slowly got out of bed, falling a few steps behind the rest of the […]

serving others Blackfeet Reservation

Global Volunteer and father, Mark, describes serving others on the Blackfeet Reservation with his daughter. This morning when the daily volunteer projects were assigned, we got the word that our help was needed in the town of Babb. Tai asked me to get her lunch together while she gathered her work clothes. I hastily packed two […]

by Miriam After breakfast and a group meeting, we headed over to Blackfeet Community College (BCC) to meet with members of the community who wanted to request our assistance. These people included Smokey Henrickson (the buildings manager), Wilbert Fish (in charge of the geodome/greenhouse and Blackfeet herbology), Rachel and Kelley from Americorps, Sherri Breneman-Kipp (in […]

by Melissa Today started out much differently for me than yesterday. As I headed to Heart Butte for Youth Day yesterday, I knew that I was headed to my heart work – kids. Others seemed uncertain of whether there would be enough work in Heart Butte. Not me. I knew that I just needed one […]

by Melanie Working as a Global Volunteer can be as much about helping yourself as it is helping others. You might learn a new openness that changes your perspective, and your beliefs in your own possibilities. For instance, you might need to keep an open mind when you get up at 6AM to take a shower, […]