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The volunteers love working with Blind-Link students at the Omamori Spa and teaching English in a small-group setting.  While the project is challenging, we can see how beneficial our efforts are.  The students are attentive, gentle and so appreciative of our assistance. We work with three to five students on basic English language skills – […]

Today is our second day working.  The NBK group didn’t have to be at the school until the afternoon, while the Blind-Link group was on basically the same schedule as the day before. John was trying to figure out his FaceBook address so he could give it out in class for those that asked. Linda […]

Armistice Day in the US, and we Global Volunteers are in Hanoi, Vietnam, working on a project to advance English language skills at two sites.  Our group has two parts: 1) to assist students and teachers in the Nuygen Bien Kiem (NBK) school and 2) to assist blind and visually impaired persons with conversational English […]

We would like to introduce volunteers to our new organization, Blind-Link, and the Omamori Spa, a place for employment for visually impaired young Vietnamese adults.  We have finalized an important partnership between Global Volunteers and Blind Link to benefit the poorest and most vulnerable adults in Hanoi. Blind-Link has been a dream for many years.  […]

Letter to team leader, Pam Cromer: Dear Ms. Cromer Thank you for thinking about AmbuTech.  We do support projects such as yours, and I would be pleased to work with Global Volunteers.  Our policy is to donate canes when we do have some in stock or to charge a minimal $10 – $12 per cane […]

At the meeting yesterday between Blind-Link and the Center of Training and Rehabilitation for the Blind (CTRB), we agreed to sign an agreement of cooperation to organize the English Communication Program for blind and partially sighted students of the Center. The English Communication Program will comprise two components: Short-term On-site teaching by native English speakers from […]

My proposal to the Vietnamese Blind Association(VBA) School to have English conversational programs taught by Global Volunteers through our short-term visits have gotten very positive feedback. VBA’s school currently is providing an English course taught by blind Vietnamese teachers, therefore our program is extremely helpful for them, and they are grateful for Global Volunteers’ help. […]

Dear Pam, I was so happy to be with you yesterday. At first, I was very nervous, but then, I was absolutely free. All was very wonderful. I planned to take you to some beauty spots but those places you had been before. Its only thing I felt “what a pity!”. although I was with […]

Vietnam Volunteer Brett D. was eager to share a slice of his service program experience: Today we had a special breakfast. Don had asked about the meal, the name of which I can’t recall. Mr. Cuoung, the hotel manager made special preparations to provide us with the meal. I loved it. The Vietnamese food seems […]

We get up and eat. Wait in lobby for mini-bus to the Oriental Sails boat in HalongBay. Left about 8:15 a.m. While waiting, tried to use the PC in the lobby.  On the bus ride, we saw rice growing, water buffalo, freeways, lakes, village and more villages. Had a quick rest stop at tourist “trap” […]