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Global Volunteer Teaching Projects

Four-time Global Volunteer Connie reflects back on her volunteer teaching projects and experiences from Vietnam, Cuba and Portugal – comparing and contrasting them… These words “rigid, fluid, and tech” describe three Global Volunteers tutoring experiences in Vietnam, Cuba, and most recently Portugal. “Rigid” curriculum and teaching structure in Vietnam contrasted to the “fluid” evening conversation sessions […]

Vietnam Volunteer Vacation

Enlarge Their Capabilities – And Your Perspective. Service adds meaningful dimensions to life. On a Vietnam volunteer vacation, you not only work with children and adults one-on-one, you expand their role in the country’s future. As a volunteer, you contribute to the country’s long-term development and position in the global marketplace, just by sharing what you already […]

by Norman Baxter My experience with Global Volunteers spans several decades, beginning in 1992 when I went to Russia for three weeks as a business volunteer. Michele Gran (Global Volunteers’ Co-founder) was part of that team, which delivered two one-week seminars for Russian business people outside of Moscow. As a banker, I contributed a lecture […]

What’s life like as a Global Volunteer in Vietnam? Laura Merriam, committed encore volunteer, embarked on her first adventure to Vietnam as a Global Volunteer this past Spring with her husband, Peter Armstrong, alongside her. Laura explains beautifully and in detail what it is like to explore and volunteer in Vietnam. Enjoy! Highlights from Laura’s Journal Entry on […]

After the first week of teaching, I have familiarized myself with the living environment and working rhythm. A typical day would consist of the following: getting up at 6:30,  go for a short jog around the lake to kickstart the day; washing up and get dressed; have breakfast with fellow volunteers; cram into a taxi […]

Miss Ha Dao, Deputy Head at Foreign Trade University recently sent a very heartfelt thank you showing her appreciation for the recent volunteers efforts.

The Global Volunteers program was kicked off by a name game during breakfast in the hotel. I got to know all my team members:  Steve, John, Roger, Keith, Tom, Liz, Kay and Janice. To my surprise, some of them had served on over 10 Global Volunteers programs. Team Leader Pam is so experienced and efficient in organizing […]

teaching English to Vietnamese students

Jim Gorski, a Vietnam veteran and volunteer from St. Paul, MN,  describes how teaching English to Vietnamese students with his wife Mary Lou enabled him to “pay a debt” to the country’s people. After serving with Global Volunteers in 2014, he and his wife volunteered in Ipalamwa, Tanzania, teaching English and supporting our Reaching Children’s […]

Global Volunteers Ha Noi Monday, 11 March 2014 The day started with the usual welcoming greetings from the staff and local volunteers at Omamori Spa. Tom, Keith and I, joined by our respective volunteer interpreters/helpers, took our stations with our normally assigned “students.” I could overhear Keith and Tom engaging their charges with ever more […]

With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, our Nguyen Binh Khiem high school team of Robert, Barbara and Marilyn lurched our way by taxi through the rainy, chaotic traffic of Hanoi trying to breathe calmly as the cars and motorbikes competed with us for space measured in millimeters. The whole scene was an Asian fusion […]