After a leisurely breakfast, a report on Monday’s activities and the message of the day, we headed off – Jan to School #2 – the rest of us to the hospital for our day with the children.

One team goal is to “Bring Happiness”.  We achieve this each morning when Alina sees the yellow necklace.

As I interact with the children, each child’s unique personality begins to emerge.  I know that Luca will end each journey at the pink rocker and that tiny diva Alina loves her accessories and will pose for most photo ops.  I know that Delia’s best friend is her own reflection in the mirror and that Cleo loves to be reminded of her beauty and rewards me with a stunning smile.  Each child is so special and again as last year, each one climbs one by one into my heart and claims permanent residency.

It was a beautiful day and we lunched outside the Restaurant Colenica in the garden park.  Then coffee and pastries at The Berlin.  We then returned to the hospital to complete our day with the children.

During dinner we discussed the goals we set at our first meeting.  We also went over activities for the remainder of the week and heard from Mihaela how difficult life was under communism.

We ended our evening with Mihaela’s exciting news that she has been selected to be the Vice Principal of her school.  A well deserved promotion!  Noroc Mihaela!
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