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There are so many reasons to volunteer in 2017. Much has been written and studied about the value of volunteerism in the community and to the individual. Some claim that people who volunteer live longer, happier lives. Or, is it rather that happy, healthy people volunteer more?

It may not matter which way is which.

We know our society – especially American society – depends upon volunteerism in every facet of life. Imagine a week without the Red Cross. Or without Meals on Wheels. Or Doctors Without Borders. Who would respond to fires in small communities if not for volunteer firefighters? Or tutor immigrant children in our schools? Volunteerism has become so institutionalized in American society, and across the world, that even a day without the critical support of unpaid workers would cause misery for thousands – or tens of thousands.

Volunteer in 2017 in Peru

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in a world without volunteerism! But, it can be asserted that it is more important to volunteer in 2017 than ever before.

Make 2017 Your Year to Volunteer.

Peace, justice and prosperity are fragile in many areas of our world. The global recession hasn’t resolved for people living in poverty in our own communities – and in developing communities on every other continent. If not for generous humanitarians reaching out for days, weeks, or months, critical services would never reach people in need.

As we survey the year ahead, we see the need for volunteers all across society – the society outside our doors as well as the global society crossing oceans. Global Volunteers offers the opportunity to volunteer in 17 countries around the world – China, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, St. Lucia, Tanzania, USA and Vietnam – for just one, two or three weeks. Work alongside local people and under the direction of community leaders in homes, classrooms, hospitals, childcare centers, libraries, farm fields, community centers and wherever else service occurs. You can indeed make a significant difference. And, you return home with deep, informed insights on your place in the world.

Volunteer in 2017 in Greece

So, whether you choose to serve food at a local homeless shelter in your own community, read books to students in Crete, Greece, or help plant fruits and vegetables in Ciego de Avila, Cuba, never doubt your efforts, however small, are critical to the network of support we all rely on to live our best lives. At the same time, when you reach out to others, you learn about their lives and help them reach their potential. We’re inextricably linked through service. In this way, volunteerism is perhaps the most generous act of peace.

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