Why Peruvian Food is so Good

Why Peruvian Food is so Good

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about why Peruvian food is so good. Peru has amazing food, period. Everyone in Peru knows this, and many people outside come to Peru just for the food. Sometimes volunteers have heard of Peru mainly because of Macchu Picchu, but once they try Peruvian food, they know we have […]


A Look at Higher Education in Peru

Higher education in Peru

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar describes higher education in Peru; providing a context for Global Volunteers’ service projects in Lima. We all know how expensive and demanding higher education can be in the U.S. Well, in Peru, college is as challenging, or maybe more so.  Read my story and then you can decide. My story […]

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Photos of Miraflores that Will Make You Want to Go to Peru

photos of miraflores that will make you want to visit Peru

When you visit Peru, you would most likely stop at Miraflores at least once. Miraflores is one of the most beautiful, safe, clean, and tourist-friendly districts in Lima, and where Global Volunteers teams are housed. It combines the modernity and comfort of upscale malls, the historic importance of its archaeological sites, and the beauty and […]

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Sunday in the Sweat Lodge – A Blackfeet Cultural Experience

Lauren installing fence at Head Start in Montana

Global Volunteers Lauren and Jayce describe Blackfeet cultural experiences on their service program. After a productive day of service, a couple of us headed off to the sweat lodge offered by a local family.  It was sure to be a unique and educational cultural experience with our new Blackfeet friends. Everyone gathers in a small […]


A Primer on Education in Peru


by Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar When we think of the benefits of education, we can probably quickly mention the development of intellectual abilities, freedom of thought, and the increase in productivity. So education is valuable in itself (for the sake of knowledge), but also for the benefits it produces (it makes a person freer […]


Beautiful Bârlad, Romania

Check out this video highlighting the stunning city of Bârlad, Romania. Although Bârlad is a small city- about six square miles- with a population of around 55,000, it’s rich in historical landmarks and attractions.

During your Romania Service Program, you’ll have nights and weekends free to explore the urban sites. In the video above, many attractions can be seen, starting with the tourist center. There is the public garden (featured from (0:6-0:14) , the Vasile Pârvan Museum (which is featured from 1:44-1:57 in the video), the “M. Eminescu” Centre – The Red House Museum (featured from 0:47-0:59), The Marcel Guguianu Museum (featured from 2:00-2:12), as well as other diversions not featured in this video, including a planetarium, an astronomical observatory and many beautiful churches and homes.

Visit our Volunteer in Romania website page to learn more about service opportunities in Bârlad, or chat with a Volunteer Coordinator below!

Chat online about Barlad, Romania

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A Day of Service-Learning in Cuba

service-learning in Cuba

Ever wonder what a day of service-learning in Cuba looks like? We assure you that when you help others in Cuba, your life, in turn, changes in unimaginable ways. But you don’t have to trust only our word… Read the words of Sydney, a University of Central Missouri student, describing her day in the life of a Cuba Global […]


Cuban People’s Pride is Evident


By Zach, Cuba Global Volunteer. After several days in Cuba, I’ve been trying to think of one word to summarize the Cuban people. Some might say they are lively, innovative or humble. While all of these are true, after today I’m going to settle on proud. I don’t mean Cuban people are conceited, but rather, they […]

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The Impact of a Simple Handshake in Cuba

Mike Tutoring in Cuba

Reflections on a handshake in Cuba by Michael, Cuba Global Volunteer and Blake School Student. Oh, a handshake! The simplest connection that humans can make. Those from different languages, races, cultures, and worlds are able to feel an instant connection. What becomes even more special is the catalyst that the handshake can produce. The reaction […]

“Clean Monday”…Kathara Deftera in Greece!


Today in Greece the Greeks celebrate Clean Monday ” Kathara Deftera” which marks the end of the carnival and the beginning of Great lent. It is called this because Christians  begin this season with “clean hearts and good intentions”. Due to the fact that this day is also considered the first day of Spring families gather together for picnics […]