by Mindy Lull, Professor at Wegmans School of Pharmacy Three years ago, I had a wild idea to find a service trip in the United States where I could take a group of my students to experience a new culture, help a community in need, and grow together as teammates.  I’ve traveled on service trips […]

Team Journal for Tuesday – January 19th 2016. Pre-Departure Tuesday After a weekend of flu-like symptoms, I was very pleased to wake with a much healthier body this morning. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and dosa (my favorite!) our team left for their respective destinations—Maddie and Carol to utilize their teaching abilities at a […]

Team Journal for Wednesday, 23rd December 2015 “Life should be great rather than long” – B.R. Ambedkar Today was a great day, and was no exception to the wonderful time we have been having day after day here in Chennai. We had our usual schedule today, going to Assisi Ilam in the morning and Seam […]

Team Journal for Monday, 21st December 2015 It is great to be back in India again, now for the sixth time.  This year is extra special for me as my “friend”, Erich joined in on the adventure.  It’s rewarding the share such an important part of my life with the people I love. Now here, […]