Liceo GAlileo Galiliee

Liceo Galileo Galilie

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of an extraordinary service program in Monopoli Italy. As a team leader for Global Volunteers, I have made new friends, renewed friendships and I am kept young at heart with my time spent with the Italian high school students at Polo Liceale “Galileo Galilei”. You need only click on the link below to see the high spirits of Monopoli high school students.

The video is all in Italian language, but I think you will get the meaning of it. It tells a story of a young man trying to decide what area/concentration he will study at the Liceo (high school). At this school, students can select one of five areas to study. At the end, it shows all the different countries some students visit for the European cultural exchange program. It is worth a visit to view the school, students and above all the spirit of the school.

  I have arrived- Lucky Me! – Team 187 –  Your table awaits you.empty tableIMG_2365Global Volunteers is now accepting applications to serve.

Join us in Italy in 2016.

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