“An opportunity to offer meaningful service and to visit a place still not open to American tourists was perfect, ” said Kit Lane while reflecting on her decision to volunteer in Cuba. “When I saw the post on Facebook about Global Volunteers’ new service program in Cuba, I did not hesitate! I called and signed up before allowing my left brain to influence my decision.” Lane was the very first Cuba application, and she “felt special to be included in the pioneer team.”


Lane assisting farmer at the community garden

Lane greatly valued the opportunity to connect daily with the local people in Ciego de Avila. “I was really excited how the local farmers, whose livelihood depends on the yield of their portion of the farm, trusted us to do the right thing, ” says Lane, “I found that very moving.”

“Those of us who chose to volunteer in Cuba do it to try to influence the top levels of society. I like to use the cliché that we are all instruments of peace – so it seems pretty simple to me that our efforts are waging peace through understanding between our two cultures, ” Lane concluded. She’s such a believer that upon her return from Cuba, she immediately signed up for her next Global Volunteers service program in Mexico. Hasta luego, Kit!

Read about Kit’s Cuba service on her personal blog.

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