As Global Volunteers looks to a busy and successful 2010, four new volunteer coordinators and many new international staff have joined the Global Volunteers’ staff.

These additions have made December a hectic, yet exciting, month. Team Leader Training was conducted December 7 – 11 with Country Managers, Volunteer Team Leaders, and new staff taking part. The final Friday session, with all current staff, was a great finish to the week, as everyone reflected on the past 25 years and brainstormed new, fresh ideas for the coming 25 years.

Before international staff returned to their home countries, they joined Global Volunteers staff, volunteers, and supporters at the 25th Anniversary Gala to celebrate 25 years of service and over 25, 000 volunteers! This was a special event featuring a peace symposium, silent auction, flag ceremony, international music, delightful food, and engaging speakers from the organization, the local community, and the international community. Highlights also included an award presentation to Global Volunteers from our host community in Poland and the presentation of the 2009 Vision Award Recipient to Bishop Mdegella of Tanzania.

And now, as staff return to their daily routines, country managers prepare for their next teams and new VCs continue to learn more each day about the organization, the work, and the amazing opportunity to help others “wage peace through service” and better humanity for years to come.

It is a privilege to be a part of this organization, and I know I speak for all new staff when I say I look forward to enhancing the work of Global Volunteers by enabling positive change one person at a time.

Stephanie Peterson
Global Volunteers, Volunteer Coordinator
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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    Thanks Stephanie for this wonderful entry!!! Yes Team Leader Training is a highlight of my year as Country Manager of Greece,,,A time when we can all get together and share our experiences with one another and learn from each other!!! It is also a time when we can put new faces and names together!!! Welcome aboard all new staff at Global Volunteers and may we all have a great 2010!

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