To the castle, its tower a beacon of help as we loose our way along narrow, winding streets
To the café’ next door with its sweet treats, my lattes each morning, and friendly conversation in the afternoon
To the mandolin concert in Pax Julia and citizen band on the street outside
To the Heritage Center with its local crafts and our euros
To Paula who coordinates our presence in the schools
To Ana Paula and her jewelry—bracelets, necklaces, pins
To Joe our fearless leader guiding us to yet another new restaurant for dinner
To Helder and his photocopies of dictionary pages
To olives, bread, and cheese served at meals
To the metals platters full of meat and fries
To the pitchers of red and white wines that cushion our days
To the food—and lots of it
To all our new students friends
To the teachers who remain behind in the classrooms
To us—retired teachers who still have the spirit and spunk to engage students in learning
To Beja—our home away from home


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