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Global Volunteers salutes Andy, Lucy, Anna and Alice Kligerman,  who have served twice as a family on the island of Crete, in Greece,  where they taught conversational English to summer camp students. It is obvious they made learning productive and fun for their students and each other!

Andy writes:

“We selected the teaching program in Crete, because we thought that would be best for our family consisting of myself, my wife and two teenage daughters.  We didn’t think any of us wanted to be involved in strenuous physical labor in the summer. We also wanted to interact with the children and parents of the area, and we felt that teaching conversational English was the best skill we could impart, as our skill sets in other areas might not be as good. We also wanted to be role models and hopefully give a good impression of Americans.

Explore Greece as a family - Teach English

One of the most satisfying aspects of our interactions with the children was teaching them games such as kick-ball and playing soccer with them. Staying at the Hotel Handakas was a great experience because we were treated as family and would spend the evenings interacting with the extended family of the owners. I would highly recommend the experience for anyone!”

Global Volunteers Greece Country Manager, Sam, noted:

“Andy, as usual, you were successful engaging the 3rd graders in activities that helped them learn and practice speaking English. Your giant monster art project was a delight for the children and enjoyed by all, especially George!

Lucy, once again, you were a fabulous team member and “in your element” assisting the 4th graders with their conversational English. You kept the children well engaged and were an honest referee when it came to kick ball!

Teach English in Greece

Anna, you were just a delight to have on the team again this year. Your enthusiasm and energy were just what the 3rd graders needed to engage them in speaking English. You were always on the go and ready to play with the children at every recess and the girls adored you!!!

Alice, you decided to continue where you left off last year, so you took on the same class of students as last year. The children were so excited to see that you had returned to help them practice their English again. The friendship you began with Natalia last year became even stronger with your volunteer service again this year.

Andy, Lucy, Anna and Alice, you made learning to speak in English so much fun for the kids and they loved you! Many thanks for reaching out in love and service to the children of Crete.”

Photos of the two daughters, Anna and Alice:


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