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Global Volunteers is recognized for offering some of the best programs to volunteer for worldwide. This is largely because of our focus on sustainable development in all our partner communities. Many volunteering families, couples, students, groups and professionals plan their service by season – summer vacation, winter and spring breaks, and fall “shoulder” season up to a year in advance. One-, two- and three-week options are available for most programs. To help you select the best programs to volunteer for, we’ve recommended our most popular service opportunities by season.

For further assistance, please contact our volunteer coordinators to discuss details:  800-487-1074. Or chat here now!

Poland Family Volunteer Vacations

Summer Volunteer Vacations

By far, the greatest number of service opportunities are offered in June, July and August. During the summer months, you have the widest choices for tutoring, childcare, labor, health care, summer language camps, and related assignments worldwide. Families and groups of all compositions are welcome on all teams – children under 12 are permitted on many of these programs. Check minimum ages here. The best programs to volunteer for during the summer months are:

Summer language camps in Greece, Italy and Poland: These are “family friendly” service opportunities to join two-week English language “camps” – helping local youth keep their skills sharp during summer break to with fun activities in English such as skits, games, songs, field trips and the like. Team members emphasize “real-life” speaking skills using the Global Volunteers English Teaching Guide as a resource — no previous teaching experience is necessary.

Teaching teachers in China: This unique opportunity is appropriate for adults or families with older teens.  You contribute to a 2- to 3-week “staff development” English program for Chinese teachers of English.  Share conversations to help them improve their English pronunciation, and broaden their repertoire of English language games and activities to apply in their own classrooms.  Previous experience isn’t required  – but current and former teachers are great resources!

Hands-on projects in Appalachia and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation: These are great group and family opportunities to experience service together in spiritually rich and resourceful American communities. Do you like to “dig into” labor projects? These two programs are rich in opportunities to contribute to home repair, painting, and landscaping. Added to that, on the reservation, you can entertain elders, tutor and play with summer school students, serve meals, and nurture children at a crisis shelter.

Winter South of (or at) the Equator

When it’s cold in many climates, it’s balmy in the southern hemisphere. Our full menu of projects are available in December through March in Africa, South America and the South Pacific. For instance, you can care for children in Ecuador and Peru, teach conversational English, math, science, nutrition and health in Tanzania, work on English literacy, numeracy and math with students in the Cook Islands, and lend a hand on labor project in all four countries! Student volunteers of all ages can work with local students on a wide variety of projects; groups, families and solo volunteers work together alongside local mothers, children and community leaders to help bring needed improvements to the communities. This is also the time when holiday programs are scheduled around the world, so if you yearn for a more meaningful holiday season, we can help you meet your goal.

best programs to volunteer for in Tanzania

Fall and Spring Break With a Purpose

What can be more meaningful than nurturing disabled children in Romania, tutoring youth and supporting pregnant women and mothers in St. Lucia? Retirees as well as professionals and students in the areas of education, health and nutrition, nursing, physical therapy, early childhood development and related disciplines can apply their skills to help children reach their full potential in structured projects. Meanwhile, this is a good time to share English conversation with teens and adults in Cuba, contribute to community sustainability as a group in Costa Rica, or teach conversational English to teen and adult students in Mexico, Portugal and Vietnam. April to May and September to November are the most desirable months for visiting these countries. And, you’re in luck!  We offer programs at these optimal times to enhance your experience!

Do you like our suggestions, but prefer a different season for a program you see here? No problem! Most of our volunteer opportunities are scheduled year-round, so search for your specific dates and countries on our website. Work with a volunteer coordinator to plan your personal, family or group service program to meet your service preferences.

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