To honor the hundreds (and hundreds!) of Instagram photos being shared with us about Global Volunteering, we asked our followers to take us back to their favorite volunteer moments by posting a photo with #GVtakemeback. And the favorite moments are…

Morgan, Tanzania Global Volunteer


One of the many bonuses of volunteering in Tanzania is that you get to work with these silly kids everyday!

Courtney, Vietnam Global Volunteer


After volunteering in Vietnam, you’ll want to throw up your peace sign in every photo

Sheri, Costa Rica Global Volunteer


What does “pura vida” mean to the Costan Rican culture? We can explain!

Maddy, Peru Global Volunteer


There is much love needed by the children of Puericultorio Perez Aranibar (PPA) – Thanks to the volunteers for giving it!

Cathy, Montana Global Volunteer


So many gorgeous views in Montana! Experience them for yourself AND make a difference in your own backyard…

Robin, Romania Global Volunteer


You never know when you’ll meet a child that will change your life. The children in Romania tend to do this to the volunteers…

Taylor, Tanzania Global Volunteer


We agree – Life IS beautiful – especially in Tanzania!

Rob, Poland Global Volunteer


A big thank you to all of the Global Volunteers who share their favorite moments and adventures with us on social media! If you haven’t yet, connect with us on Instagram and post your own favorite moments using #GVtakemeback.

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