“This being the last journal article I want to thank all those involved in making this a pleasant and POL1509A1 Rene Moquin (20)worthwhile venture. This has been my fourth volunteer assignment in Poland. I have enjoyed every minute of experiencing a new culture, making new friends, cups of tea and interacting with so many students and adults. The future of Poland is bright. Hopefully I have made a small impression on each student’s need to work and study hard and to make their contribution. I will miss all of them.

This evening I will be participating in a non-stop reading of the famous novel, Peasants, published in 1925. Obviously my portion of the reading will be in English but it is an honor to be joining artisans, authors and actors on this special occasion. ” Rene Moquin.

POL1509A1 Don Maher (121)“I am very impressed with the entire Global Volunteers Poland project from the high quality of support by the Global Volunteers staff to the housing and dining facility to the sincere help by the schools teaching staffs to the excited welcoming attitudes of the students. I give the program five stars.”

Don Maher III

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