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This excerpt from one day of a team journal describes team members’  daily assignments on a Greece service program.

After another beautiful sunrise and another animated discussion with my other team members at breakfast, we all made plans for the morning.  When I say animated, I mean a lot of laughing and  a lot of sharing of ideas.   Since our teaching hours are all in the afternoon and evening, there was much exchange of ideas on how everyone should spend the morning getting to know our Cretan hosts better.

Regrouping after our adventures to museums and towns and beaches, everyone was very eager and excited to start our work at the school and plan activities with the students.  Being the first day, our team leader Sam said much of the evening activities would center around us getting to know each other and of course learning how to navigate back and forth to our various schools.

Bus tickets in hand and taxis away, we all venture forth.  On arrival, everyone reported that they were treated with smiles and excitement.  They were your typical classrooms in sense that everyone wanted to talk  to us and each other. The energy and enthusiasm to me was astounding. It was 6’clock at night, they had had a full day of school and activities and here they were excited to learn even more.

Their questions to us were specific and insightful for minds so young and I had to admit moments where I had to gather me thoughts so I could give them the answers they deserved.  There was a lot of laughing and exchange of ideas too.  Pictures shown of our families and questions answered about theirs.  Debates held between each other moderated by us and their teachers.

After four hours and with two different classes each, we all left smiling and for myself a bit on the blown away side.  As my head hit my pillow that night lesson plans and new topics flew through my head for a good hour before, I slept. Because, motivated by love for my charges, I want to be fearless and free.


Andree and Lynn teaching 3rd graders.

Andree and Lynn teaching 3rd graders.

Marta conversing with 5th graders.

Marta conversing with 5th graders.

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