Girl Scouts Volunteer Abroad - In Ecuador

Beyoncé sings about it; we know it’s true: Girls run the world when they work together with purpose and kindness. Redmond, WA Girl Scout troop demonstrated their influence can extend all the way to Quito, Ecuador! And, they earned mature new perspectives in return. Dedicating their spring break to service, the Scouts focused their energy caring for at-risk children from impoverished families in the South American capital. At the same time, they enhanced their Spanish language skills, and learned first-hand about a vibrant country and culture.

Girl Scouts Volunteer Abroad – Spring Break in Ecuador

The girls offered the “extra” attention the children at the daycare center in Quito crave and deserve. They played with them, fed them, changed them, and gave them love. On one of the days, the girls and tías (the daycare center workers) took some of the children to the park where they led a dance session. It was a hit!

Here are a few pictures of the day:

Maggie Bjorklund, our Ecuador Country Manager, expresses her gratitude for having the Girl Scouts in Ecuador:

“It was such a joy to have Lucy, Mary (the two Girl Scout group leaders), and the Girl Scouts in Ecuador. They were such a great help to the tías. They helped take care of the children – playing with them, helping them eat, washing their hands, doing art projects with them, and just giving them tender loving care. Everyone was very grateful for their contribution. It was truly a pleasure to have them on the team!”

Every day that volunteers show the children at the daycare center that they care, they improve their self-esteem and confidence. Thank you to the Girl Scout troop for all that you did for the children in Ecuador!


Global Volunteers in Partnership with Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place goes hand-in-hand with everything Global Volunteers stands for. Global Volunteers’ commitment to girls’ education and the global role of women is a central focus on many of Global Volunteers’ service-learning programs. Our volunteers help families and community organizations prevent stunted growth and ensure quality education so every girl has the keys to a bright and productive future.

Contact us if you know a Girl Scout troop that would be interested in volunteering as a group for one, two or three weeks in one of our 17 host countries around the world. (Service programs start year-round and fees are 100% tax deductible!)

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