Reflections on a handshake in Cuba by Michael, Cuba Global Volunteer and Blake School Student.

Oh, a handshake! The simplest connection that humans can make. Those from different languages, races, cultures, and worlds are able to feel an instant connection. What becomes even more special is the catalyst that the handshake can produce. The reaction of mixing ideas and cultures. To see this new light of something you didn’t know existed.

handshake in Cuba

Mike and classmates with Yunior, Anyelo and Javier in Cuba.

So… What is a handshake? The beginning. The base. The foundation. Everything that whatever the “next” is built on. Even the smallest things make a huge impact in the handshake phase: a smile, conversation, interaction. Being nervous is merely a symptom of this start. Making the most of it is imperative to success. They might not understand the words from your mouth, yet the words your actions speak can change everything. So yes, this is our first full day in a world no American can fully understand, yet. So primarily, we – as two universes (America and Cuba) – are still having our handshake. Recognizing this fact can produce the future in a new light. Oh, a handshake in Cuba!

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life-changing volunteer experience

Meanwhile, you can learn more from other student volunteers on Global Volunteers programs in Cuba.  Start with this journal entry : “What does a day of service-learning in Cuba look like?” 

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