Amy with one of her new little friends


Olivia – open wide!










Today was a very good day. I helped with both classes – the babies and the three-year-olds. Hannah, Rita, Olivia, Alexandra, Mark, Amy, and my mom stayed with their classes from yesterday. I am getting to know the babies and the three-year-olds very well and it is fun. It is nice to see the countryside when we drive to the center. You can see mountains and valley. Helping the tías and the children makes me very happy. At the end of the day I helped the tías bring the babies down to their parents. Then the tías had English class. Mark, Amy, and Olivia taught one class while Hannah taught a second class. Alex, my mom, and I watched Kelly and cleaned up. My favorite part of the day was playing with the babies. They are very cute.

Entry submitted by: Jack

Message of the day – Mark: “Hay más felicidad en dar que en recibir.”  “It’s more blessed to give tan to receive.”  


Hannah and Rita with the tías in English class


Barbara helping to feed the little ones

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