Global Volunteers caring for infants in St. LuciaSome volunteers were able to participate in an early morning yoga class offered by one of the volunteers. We met for an excellent breakfast and had our team meeting right after breakfast.  Warren drove all the volunteers to their assigned locations. It was a rainy day, but there were periods of clear weather. I was part of the Roving Caregivers Program (RCP) team. We met in the Anse Le Raye Library and greeted Lucy Girrard, the director, and the three team members who provide home visits to infants and new moms. I had a wonderful opportunity to see and walk the streets of Anse Le Raye and talk with the “Rover” I was assigned to. We exchanged some of our experiences and were able to go to three homes to pass on an important message about the Earth Box meeting for Thursday.  We did try to visit two or three other homes, but no one was home. The Rovers carry a large bag to their visits to offer toys, books, blocks, and rattles to stimulate the cognitive, emotional, and social growth of the baby. They model positive interactions for how infants learn and grow. I was able to observe the street scene in Anse Le Raye and notice that stray dogs are an issue. Although I was not able to be as active as I had hoped, I did get a chance to think how the St. Lucia Project has its own way of making progress through hundreds of interactions with the local people.

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