making friends in Poland

Poland Volunteer Vicki Kappus talks about her experience at Reymontowka camp, teaching English, and making friends in Poland. 

making friends in PolandMilk soup for breakfast! I loved it!
Classes went really well for all 5 teachers. I think we’re getting the hang of this. I’ve read so many journals that say after about 3 days, you start to feel really comfortable with your class and now I know it’s true. A couple of us had “food” as a teaching theme, so we joined together for the “Peel the Banana” song after the 3rd teaching session. A lot of chopping, smashing, and shucking went on.
making friends in PolandThe 4th session had everyone together for Vicki’s Minnesota presentation and Tammy’s Chicago presentation. We think the kids and teachers enjoyed it – at least we know they like the photos of our pets.
Dinner was of course delicious. We continued our discussion of the difference between English words in England – which the children in Poland learn – and American English. I seem to remember a lot of discussion about diapers.
It is wonderful to have Magda available during our afternoon planning time. Some of us spent time outside in the afternoon since it was a gorgeous day.
Supper were amazing dumplings, I think they brought out 2 plates full for us! Again, talking and laughing around the table is so great.
Tonight the kids are having Polish quiz night and lots of music and dancing.
I’m really sad that this is my last night at Reymontowka. I can’t tell you how wonderful this has been. I just glanced at our team goals and one that I contributed was To Make Friends. I feel like this has been accomplished! I now have a friend in Boston, 3 friends in Kent, and many friends here. Making friends in Poland was great. I’ll always remember the smiles of the 10 kids in my class. I hope I’ve brought smiles to everyone here. You all hold a special place in my heart.

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