The weather today was the nicest since we have been here. The clouds cleared off and it was very sunny. Kay felt much better today and joined us at the center. Frank and Patricio laid blocks and tile in the kids’ bathroom and it is starting to take shape. Holly went back to her babies in the 1- to 2-year-old nursery. Holly noticed that one of the things the Global volunteers have to give is that little extra time or extra hug that these babies need when the tías are just to busy trying to keep up. Sue and Kay are life-long teachers and the tías seem to appreciate their patience and dedication. We took our daily walk to town and had another nice lunch. We found out popcorn is pretty good in tomato soup! The afternoon went by with more of the same, but Frank finally got a smile out of little Pierre! Our leader had to attend meetings so we traveled back to Quito on our own.
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