Tuesday morning came with the team catching its stride
It is nice to feel like a group with nobody outside
Maggie came early and set the stage for the day
We headed to Calderón in the fog to help the kids play
Some of the kids knew us amazingly fast
We are all hoping we make an impact that will last
We pushed all the programs there is so much to teach
The rascals don’t care if we are in their reach
As the mayhem of the masses slowly sinks in
The tías’ amazing energy never runs thin
Those wonderful ladies who work every day
Will be working and working when we’re gone away
The bathroom at Center 2 was getting pretty sad
But Frank and his helper were not even mad
They tore out the concrete to make a new drain
And changed out some pipes without any strain
A couple more days of cement blocks and tile
And the children should be good for quite a while
We fixed up some toys for a tía or two
And left a couple more waiting on glue
We packed up our things and headed for the hotel
Thinking our team is doing quite well
All of us need to share as much as we can
We thank Global Volunteers for such a great plan!
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