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To travel in a purposeful, meaningful way is to enrich your life and the lives of others. You dig deeper, stretch farther, give larger. You discover and learn new things about the world and yourself. You leave a positive mark on the communities you visit and the environments you explore. Meaningful travel is being aware of your impact, and doing what you can to help people along your journey.

meaningful travel in exotic locales

You can explore exotic locales or settle into familiar settings through meaningful travel opportunities across the world.

Travel That Feeds The Soul

In 2001, we adopted the trademark: “Travel That Feeds The Soul” to describe the affirming, restorative power of international service. Every traveling volunteer joins a service program for unique reasons. Some long to share their skills in an unconventional way with people in need. Some are motivated to experience a culture in an authentic, non-assumptive way. Most are driven by a desire to “give back” to the world in exchange for a life of opportunity. This can be a “bucket list” experience, or a long-standing quest for meaning. Either way, we’ve found that the more we give, the more we receive – and service keeps on giving throughout our lives. But it’s not all about us. Volunteering abroad is the most purposeful, meaningful travel. You help deliver essential services to children and families, explode stereotypes, cultivate mutual international understanding, and create a foundation for world peace.

meaningful travel in Vietnam

Meaningful travel acquaints you with the heart and soul of a community.

Meaningful Travel With Global Volunteers

Does this seem like a lot to expect in just one, short-term vacation? Consider this: All over the world, your skills and compassion are valuable resources to families and children – some living in the most compelling tourist destinations on Earth. Others survive on the margins of society. Whether you choose a predictable, familiar community close to home, or an intense immersive challenge off the beaten path, you can be assured that your time – one week or one month – is a great service to those you engage.

And, don’t think that meaningful travel means colorless travel. You’ll stay in relaxing, safe tourist-class accommodations. Enjoy healthy restaurant or catered local cuisine. Explore natural, cultural, educational and historic attractions. You’ll be surprised how comfortable meaningful travel can be!

Meaningful travel in the Caribbean

Meaningful travel doesn’t mean compromise. Some lodging offers interesting amenities, include swimming pools, beach access, tennis, cocktail bars, and more!

An Experience Like No Other

How can we promise an experience like no other? Simply: Expertise. For more than three decades, we’ve engaged “volunteer vacationers” in over 110 communities on six continents. That’s taught us many lessons about responsible, ethical volunteer service. And about meaningful travel. If you’re open-minded, service-oriented and light-hearted, we’ve got a place for you – and your family, group, or study abroad program. You’ll broaden your horizon, gain new insights about the world, and pay it forward by sharing your thoughts and feelings about meaningful travel.

meaningful travel

Tom, a Global Volunteers alumnus in Vietnam, tutors a small group of young students on English pronunciation.

How to Find Meaningful Travel Opportunities

  • Consider your primary objective. Is it to visit a place you’ve always wanted to explore? To share your skills abroad? To practice a foreign language?
  • Do you prefer an “exotic” or remote culture and community? Or, are you most comfortable in familiar surroundings?
  • Will you be traveling with family, friends or colleagues? Do you have group goals for your trip?
  • Are you motivated by collaboration with a team of like-minded individuals?
  • Are you stimulated by new perspectives and boundary-stretching experiences? Or do you seek a predictable daily schedule?
  • Can you easily conform to a team experience and daily volunteer assignments?
  • What lies ahead for you? Contact us to discuss your personal meaningful travel opportunities! Or, read more about meaningful travel through the voices of volunteer vacationers.

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