A Lovely Door In Our Monopoli

Today the schools were closed, because they were in the processing of cleaning after the rigors of Election Day. Since this was a day without scheduled classes, the entire group was scattered about.
Vicky, Jane and I caught the train and returned to Monopoli. In the afternoon, I tutored Carolina. Since she is more advanced, I had her read paragraphs from my ‘Science in English’ text book and ask her to interpret what she read.John Tuthill with students2
For the next lesson, I had Anna and Guiseppe. Anna brought her daughter Maria and we sat outside by the pool and reviewed the culinary items and some of the objects around the pool. Then I had a contest by reading a word in Italian and having them translate it in English. Anna won 25-18.
We all convened at dinner and we ate green lasagna, undecapitated fish, and yummy beef with greens and cheese followed with succulent fresh sliced cantaloupe and pears along with vessels of red wine.IMG_7942  Penned by John.

                            Thought for the Day

                “There is no ‘I’ in volunteer.”             

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