In a post three weeks ago, the town of Baños and the waterfall Pailón del Diablo were highlighted. Baños is such a large attraction due to the fact that it offers many activities such as hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, and canyoneering. Another wonderful thing about Baños is that it has places with spectacular views of the town and the mountain landscapes.


Casa del Árbol – Tree House

One of these places is Casa del Árbol or Tree House. It is about a twenty-minute drive up a mountain from the town of Baños – or a two+ hour walk. It is steep! So I suggest getting a cab for the round trip unless you have tons of energy and enjoy long, steep walks. Here, on top of a green mountain, there is a tree house with a swing that goes out just past the side of the mountain. Photos make it look like you are swinging out into nothingness. This little swing ride is quite exhilarating, if you ask me. The mountain top view of the town and lush green mountains is magnificent.




View of the mountains from hilltop

For another eagle’s eye view of the landscapes surrounding Baños, take a ride on the tarabita or the hanging basket that takes passengers across a ravine for a view of a waterfall from above. The ride costs $1 and is well worth it. Of course, this is not for those afraid of heights! But for all others, it is quite a nice ride.


Ready for our ride in the hanging basket


View of waterfall from hanging basket


View of waterfall while approaching

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