12718125_10208228209279559_2712994711687970923_nby Kathy LeNoir

My favorite memories while volunteering in Ciego de Avila all include interacting with the local Cuban people.

10683577_10208228179438813_3346864874503681014_oThe gardeners at the community garden were just lovely. We arrived there every morning in horse-drawn carriages to friendly greetings by all of them. Andreas instructed us with our daily tasks then both serenaded us with beautiful love songs and recited poetry as we worked. It could hardly be called working – fresh air, sunshine, hands in the dirt and music – smiles all around. On some days they gifted us with some lettuce or radishes to add to the volunteers lunch. Such graciousness.

And regarding the students, I’ve never seen such an appetite for learning – both about the language and the culture. One student was very taken with philosophy and wanted to discuss big ideas and another wanted to talk about “Friends”, a favorite tv show that many of them passed back and forth to each other on DVD. Most wanted to hear about the U.S. having seen shows based in New York. We did a little play for them on the last evening. Here are several great pictures of their delighted faces I would love to share with you… (All photos taken by Kathy.)

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your time and talents with the people in Ciego de Avila. Click here to learn how YOU can become a Global Volunteer in Cuba.

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