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New Volunteer Project in Peru

New volunteer project in Peru

We’ve recently started a new volunteer project in Peru. Global Volunteers has been asked to help in Miraflores, one of the most beautiful districts in Lima and for sure the most tourist-friendly. The Municipality of Miraflores, through its Human Development Department, has asked us to help in various community projects both in the Miraflores Community Center and the public schools of the district.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first team serve in this new volunteer project in Peru. We want to share their experience through the words of Mary Ann, one of the volunteers, and Maru Moreno, one of the Peru Country Managers.

A little bit on Mary Ann:

How did you decide to volunteer abroad?

I have been traveling a lot, trying to travel a lot, always as a tourist.  And I’ve noticed on my last couple of trips that my trips felt very Americanized. I was eating only in places that served American-style food. And I wanted to expand. I just wanted to get into the heart of some place. So I started investigating a volunteer vacation.

 “My trips felt very Americanized… And I wanted to expand. I just wanted to get into the heart of some place.”

New volunteer project in Peru

Brian, Mary Ann’s son, teaching English to staff from the Municipality of Miraflores.

How did you come up with Global Volunteers?

Online investigation. They had the best reviews. And as I was corresponding with the people in Minnesota, the answers to my questions were very real. Came very quickly. It just felt like the best fit.

Now about the new project:

Maru, why don’t you tell us a little but about our new volunteer project in Peru?

We’ve recently started a partnership with the municipality of Miraflores. We are working with one of the public schools in Miraflores, where we are teaching English to the students. We are also working in the Community Center, helping out with the workshops they have there. And we are also teaching English to adults at the Community Center.

New volunteer project in Peru

Joni, a volunteer from the previous team, working with children at the kindergarten in the community center.

Mary Ann, what have you been doing in this new project?

In the mornings, we’ve been working at the “Manuel Bonilla” elementary school. We’ve been working with groups of children, mostly fifth graders and sixth graders. Some speak no English at all, some speak a little bit of English. Some have been very helpful at being interpreters for me. Their English is limited but they are able to figure it out. They’re amazing kids. So all kinds of projects. We’ve played games, sang songs. My favorite: We made books. They made their own little English books, which they’re very proud of, and I’m very proud of too.

In the afternoons, we come to the Community Center and do another English class with all ages, some children and some adults. They all want to learn English and are coming in.

We’ve done some work in the workshops. I actually got to help in the bakery where they do baked goods. It was fabulous.

Check out the full interview:

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