no downside to volunteering as a family

The Grossman family just served abroad for the first time. They had a great time and were able to make a difference for many neglected children in Peru. Their experience shows that there is no downside to volunteering as a family. 

Liza is 12, but she has already traveled outside the U.S. as a volunteer. She served at PPA, a children’s home in Peru, taking care of many toddlers and playing with children of all ages. After a week of service she concludes:

“There is just no downside to coming!”

no downside to volunteering as a family

Liza and Aaron playing jenga with two girls in Peru.

Ben is 14, and he has already peeled more garlic than most of us in our entire lives. That surely doesn’t sound appealing, but it is actually a great virtue. Ben came to volunteer and serve to improve the lives of hundreds of orphan or neglected children, some his age or even older. When there was a need for help at the kitchen, he went for it. He could have refused once he found out what was his task, bu he didn’t. It definitely wasn’t an easy or comfortable task, but he did his best with a great attitude because he wasn’t thinking about himself. He was thinking about the children he had seen and played with. Its’ called being selfless, and it’s something to admire.

no downside to volunteering as a family

Ben peeling garlic for children’s meals at the PPA kitchen.

We don’t need to know Melissa’s or Aaron’s age. But we can congratulate them for teaching their children such priceless and unforgettable lessons. We can also thank them for the love and kindness they showed to the children in Peru. Thanks to them, the children from PPA now know how to play twister. I know, it’s a silly game. But that’s not the point.

Aaron and Melissa left the comfort of their home and traveled just to be with these children. They took the time to play with them, look them in the eyes, speak to them (language doesn’t matter here), and explain the game to them. No one had done that before. These children seldom get that kind of attention. And the children knew Aaron and Melissa were there for them. They noticed. And they might forget the game, but they will never forget that these two people cared for them.

no downside to volunteering as a family

Melissa and Aaron teaching children how to play twister.


Check out their interview at PPA:

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