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Lima, Peru – a South American city with both an ancient and contemporary vibe  – has been our partner community in Peru since 2004. This is a great opportunity for Peru volunteer travel.  Miraflores, one of the most beautiful and tourist-friendly districts in Lima is our “home.”  This area combines both a variety of meaningful service opportunities and significant points of archeological interest – all within a short taxi ride. Volunteers express great satisfaction with the option to balance their service program with both daytime volunteer projects and after-work and weekend exploration.  Learn more about both here!

What’s New in Peru?

The Miraflores Human Development Department is our newest partner for community projects. We began teaching English to public school students – largely children of maids and day laborers – in the summer of 2017. At the same time, we initiated adult conversational English at the Miraflores Community Center. This greatly broadens our service “footprint” in the area, enabling us to broadly serve families of greatest need.  Mary Ann, a summer volunteer, shares her experience with this new program:

One Volunteer Voice

“I have been traveling a lot, always as a tourist,” Mary Ann says.  “And I’ve noticed on my last couple of trips that they felt very Americanized. I just wanted to get into the heart of some place. So I started investigating a volunteer vacation. Global Volunteers had the best online reviews.  Peru felt like the best fit.”

 “My trips felt very Americanized… And I wanted to expand. I just wanted to get into the heart of some place.”

New volunteer project in Peru

Brian, Mary Ann’s son, teaching English to staff from the Municipality of Miraflores.

“In the mornings, we taught at the ‘Manuel Bonilla’ elementary school. We worked with groups of children, mostly fifth graders and sixth graders. Some speak no English at all, others speak a little. Their English is limited, but we help them figure it out.”

“They’re amazing kids. We played games, sang songs. My favorite: We made books. They made their own little English books, which they’re very proud of, and I’m very proud of too.”

“In the afternoons, we presented English lessons for all ages at the Community Center. They all want to learn English and came in eagerly.  We also started some projects in the workshops. I actually got to help in the bakery -it was fabulous.

Check out the full interview with Mary Ann:

New volunteer project in Peru

Joni, Peru Volunteer, working with children at the kindergarten in the community center.

What’s Old in Peru?

A major advantage of Peru volunteer and travel opportunities is exploring the cultural and historical attractions in free time. Peru’s archeological wonders start right in Miraflores!  We know you’ll be interested in exploring these intriguing sites during at the end of your workday on a service program.

For instance, the 1,500-year-old Huaca Pucllana archaeological complex is a fascinating site within our home base of Miraflores. And, just a “stone’s throw” away – 19 miles (45 minutes by car) from Lima on the Pan-American Highway South – is Pachacámac, the most important pre-Inca ceremonial center on the Peruvian coast.  Others are also within an easy distance. Enjoy these attractions after a day of fulfilling work with children and students — and explore intriguing art and cultural sites on the weekend.

Of course, the Nazca Lines are one of the primary weekend excursions, and Machu Picchu draws volunteers at the end of the program.  You won’t be disappointed in Peru’s many archeological wonders –  one of the immense benefits of serving with Global Volunteers.

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