Volunteer Projects in the Cook Islands - After school program

An update from James Puati, Global Volunteers’ Cook Islands Country Manager, about two new volunteer projects in the Cook Islands:

Announcing Two New Volunteer Projects in the Cook Islands

Volunteers have started serving at a new school. Avarua School has requested support for their students in literacy and numeracy. Avarua Principal, Engia Baxter, is no stranger to Global Volunteers and has been instrumental in hosting many of our volunteers. We look forward to engaging future volunteers at Avarua School.

In addition, the July team began serving at a new after school homework program. We haven’t been able to support an after school program for a couple of years. Global Volunteers recently engaged two high school scholarship recipients from Amery, Wisconsin who became very actively involved in this new after school program. They embraced the cultural learning, service of supporting literature, and sporting activities. We would like to offer our sincere appreciation to the people sponsoring these two wonderful ambassadors of the USA and Global Volunteers.

The after school program made the Cook Islands newspaper with Global Volunteer Tristen, one the high school students from Amery, appearing in a photograph.

Volunteer Project in the Cook Islands

Global Volunteer and Amery high school student Tristen working with a child (image originally in the Cook Islands NEWS)

The free after school program is for young children who need extra assistance with literacy – with a focus on helping the children feel like they are achieving.

“We focus on the basics of education. If the child has missed some fundamental areas of learning for some reason, then at least they can catch up.”

The weekly programme has access to a number of volunteers who offer their assistance. This week five volunteers from the United States and New Zealand have come to help with the programme via the Global Volunteers organisation that arranges opportunities for people to volunteer to help children around the world. (Read the entire story on the Cook Islands NEWS website.)

Visit our Cook Islands volunteer page to learn how to become a Global Volunteer in the South Pacific. Experience Cook Islands’ culture  and develop relationships with the local people – all while volunteering in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

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