St Lucia boasts of two Nobel Laureates, Sir Arthur Lewis, who was born in 1915 and obtained the Nobel Prize in EconRecieving an awardomics and Derek Walcott, born in 1930, who won the prestigious award for his work in Literature.  Because both men were born on 23rd January, this day is called Nobel Laureate Day; a day observed annually to honor the men who have achieved such internationally acclaimed recognition for excellence, and who have made us proud to be St Lucians.

Also, the week of the 23rd is known as Nobel Laureate Week, during which various activities are held throughout the island to commemorate Lewis’ and Walcott’s lives and works.

The activities held for Nobel Laureate Week and Nobel Laureate Day include literary presentations and performances such as poetry, lectures and theatre arts. Also, many schools hold awards ceremonies during this period to recognize top achieving students and to encourage students to aspire to give their best.

Sir Arthur Lewis died on June 15th 1991 but Derek Walcott continues to make contributions in Literature.

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