With one day to go before returning home, I have been reflecting on my volunteer experience.  While Sue has been very enthusiastic about a Global Volunteer trip, I was unsure if I really wanted to go.  After much thought, I decided to leave “my comfort zone” and go to St. Lucia. I was so happy that I made that decision:


  • I learned that immersing oneself in another culture is an amazing experience.
  • I learned that helping others in only a small way sets the groundwork for the future gains.
  • I learned that the students I worked with are motivated to learn and improve their lives.
  • I learned that the teachers are committed to improve their student’s lives and the condition of Anse La Raye.
  • I learned that it will take a long time to happen.
  • I learned that Chem, Warren, and the Global Volunteer staff will make it happen—over time.
  • I learned that I need more patience.
  • I learned that the volunteer experience is no longer “out of my comfort zone”.

Ev Weinstein

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