Recalling his memories of Poland as a volunteer,  one recent team member says he’s grateful for the meaning his service with Polish teens brought to his life.

Winding down our individual English conversation lessons (but also speeding up our final preparations for the closing ceremony)  we reflect on our weeks at Reymontowka. Not only the teachers, but the dance instructor and actress-in-residence works to put the polishing touches on the show. With only two English lessons today, we opted for a special English-language screening of the movie “Holes.”

Our lunch hour entertainment (adding more special memories of Poland) in the parlor was by 13-year-old Agata with four piano pieces. What a talented young lady.  What a beautiful place to feature her capabilities.  What an auspicious way to begin the final festivities of our last day!

memories-of-poland in piano music

Poland English Summer Camper Agata plays the piano for volunteers at Reymontowka.

After dinner, the students practiced their mock wedding ceremonies demonstrating their new English skills. Even Sophia made her way to the altar. Following the “weddings” was a reception of refreshments, music, and lively dances – including one even I recognized: the chicken dance! Another was a very popular traditional mixer we learned last week.  More wonderful memories of Poland!

I ended the night with a trip outdoors to observe the stars and the milky way. It’s so nice to see the sky here in the rural area without light pollution! Finally, a lasting memory: two weeks at Reymontowka with the most wonderful group of children, a great team, and Dorota and Iwona, who are the glue.
– by Steve, grateful volunteer

As Bob Hope used to say: “Thanks for the memories.”

“Yesterday is a memory, and tomorrow is uncertain, but today, if i live it to the fullest, will become a memorable yesterday and hope for the future.” – Lloyd John Oqilive

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