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Over the past 30+ years, Global Volunteers’ CEO and Co-founder Bud Philbrook has led dozens of Global Volunteers teams. In all his travels across the world, Vietnam sticks as one of his favorite places to volunteer. Why? Read on for Bud’s eight reasons to volunteer in Hanoi!

1. Vietnamese love Americans.

I’ve been to Vietnam numerous times over the past 20 years. The one constant is that the Vietnamese people love Americans. 70% were born after the Vietnam War, and those who are older welcome Americans with open arms.

2. You’re needed!

The Vietnamese know that English is the international language of commerce, technology and opportunity. The country’s goal is to have all instruction, at every school level, taught in English. You can share your native language by tutoring conversational English as a Global Volunteer in Hanoi.

Volunteer in Hanoi and teach English

3. No age limits.

Anyone can serve at Blind Link or VIDS, two of our very engaging community partners.

4. Hanoi is a culturally rich and vibrant city.

Volunteers stay at the Hanoi Legacy, a charming comfortable hotel in the Old Quarter. The food is spectacular, a walk around historic Hoan Kiem Lake is fascinating, and the many and varied museums are iconic.

5. This is not a heavy lift.

Any native English speaker can be a volunteer in Hanoi. We’ll counsel you and provide you a Conversational English Teaching Guide jam-packed with activities, lessons, and step-by-step instructions.

6. Wage peace and promote justice.

You can be an ambassador for your country in the eyes of tomorrow’s leaders through interesting conversations, meaningful interaction, and mutual respect.

Wage peace in Vietnam and volunteer in Hanoi

7. Multiple community partners.

Our community partners direct and monitor volunteers’ contributions of expertise and energy, and work with us to modify and re-define community projects as required to meet their goals. Here are our community partners in Vietnam:

  • Blind Link: a career center for visually impaired young adults. Each volunteer works with two or three adult students who are training for a new career in massage therapy. You can enhance the trajectory of their futures.“Practicing pronunciation with blind students at Blind Link with each student assuming the role of a Massage Therapist speaking with a client was sheer joy.”
  • Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies (VIDS): a government research center focusing on national socio-economic development strategies. VIDS staff are eager to visit with you so they can improve their English! Interesting discussion topics range from Vietnam’s national health policies and privatization of government industries, to economic growth versus environmental protection.
  • Foreign Trade University (FTU): among the leading institutions of higher learning. Volunteers with backgrounds in business, law, trade, etc. deliver lectures in English so FTU students can learn to better hear the English language.
  • Nguyen Binh Khiem School (NBK): a private primary and secondary school for Hanoi’s brightest students. Use games, songs, skits, etc. to help young students improve their vocabulary and conversational abilities.
8. The Vietnamese people you work with will be so grateful.

The people you work with in Vietnam will show you their great appreciation for the help in their English-language learning, which opens up opportunities for them that they would not otherwise have. The opportunity to learn from native English speakers is invaluable in Vietnam.

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Visit our Volunteer in Vietnam page to learn more. Contact us today by email: info@globalvolunteers.org or phone: 800-407-1074. Or, chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator to get your questions answered right away!

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