Lani, a 3-time volunteer and retired schoolteacher, recently returned from her program teaching English in Poland. Lani taught students from kindergarten through sixth grade. She was so touched when she opened her mailbox to a wonderful parcel from Poland. Inside were over a dozen handmade cards and a handmade wire tree! A retired teacher touches hearts and gets her hear touched as well.

Handmade Thank You Cards from Poland

Handmade Thank You Cards from Poland

She writes:

“Look at all my treasured mementos from the children of Grala and Siedlce!

Look at all the Thank You cards handwritten in English!! 

Look at the carefully made and intricate Happiness Tree!

It certainly was my honor to converse with them in English AND for them to teach me words in Polish…

How can I say Thank You enough, Dorota, for your hospitality and your dedication to the Global Volunteers Program in Poland… You are so instrumental in continuing success of the Conversational English Program!

Lani Teaching English to Some Eager Students

Lani Teaching English to Some Eager Students

I will continue to keep in-touch via email with the others that I had the privilege of meeting and working with while staying at the historic and tranquil Reymontowka in Chlewiska!

Dziękuję ci. Do widzenia.


Lani Allanson-Donoho

Global Volunteer in Poland May 7-14, 2016″

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