At the hospital, the children had a special treat of yogurt after their cereal and bottles.  Those that liked it, liked it a lot.  Eating it all.

For lunch, Dan and Jan joined us for pizza.
It was a beautiful day and the highlight was that we were able to take the children outdoors. We were not bothered by bugs, flies or other insects.  There was sun and enough breeze to be pleasant.
The biggest change was in Sammy who on Monday raced around indoors, but outdoors was happy to sit on one spot on the blanket. He was curious and observant of everything within eyesight. He made no attempt to move – he sat smiling and content. He was like a different kid.  He probably would have stayed out longer if possible.
He also was content to walk up the 4 flights of stairs.
After the ride home we had a nice Italian dinner at a local restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.
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