short-term volunteers

Can one or two weeks on a service program truly make a difference to people in need? Our answer is yes! Short-term volunteers can bring a long-term impact to the communities that we serve, and we have numerous alumni stories to underline this point. But, stories from our community partners and international staff are especially enlightening.  Ipalamwa HealthGeneral Clinic Manager Anna Mwenda talks about two girls from a previous Global Volunteers Tanzania host community, Lulu and Aneth, who joined other volunteers to give back and impact their country, by volunteering.

Anna:  The students are from Mbeya, Tanzania – a city in southwest Tanzania, 7 hours out of Ipalamwa. Lulu and Aneth were studying in Pommern when Global Volunteers were serving there, and they have been receiving support in their studies from Global Volunteers. Now being in advanced level of secondary school they felt the need to come and impact the lives of people in Ipalamwa, as their lives were changed when they were younger. It was a great opportunity for us to have them. We had a good time together, helping each other to continue to serve Ipalamwa community.”

“There is always in my mind to help children. As short-term volunteers helped me and my community in the past.”

~Aneth, Tanzanian volunteer

short-term volunteers

Aneth playing with the children of the English camp in Ipalamwa, as a Tanzanian volunteer.

Talking about Lulu’s and Aneth’s contribution to the team of volunteers, Anna says:
“Lulu and Aneth proved to be of high value while serving in Ipalamwa. Their sense of care and their will to impact the community there was unmeasurable. Both students helped teaching in the English camp, and enjoyed their time with the children and the volunteers to the fullest. Children improved a lot during the time that the girls served there. They reviewed colors and numbers, as children were getting confused to pronounce numbers between 15 and 50. The kids also started identifying different mathematical signs like plus, minus, multiplication and division. Most of them understood and started drawing problems in the sand.”

Understanding the high importance of nutrition and hygiene in the lives of children in Ipalamwa, Tanzania, Lulu and Aneth took the lead, as Anna describes:
“Even more Lulu and Aneth ensured that the children in the English camp were getting sufficient nutrition by helping in providing nutritious porridge to the children. Furthermore they found an innovative and fun way to demonstrate effective handwashing with water and soap to the children of the camp, by teaching them and reviewing daily a handwashing song in the rhythm of lacoocaracha.”

short-term volunteers

Sing the first versus of handwashing song in lacoocaracha rhythm

“Helping others, is my passion. You never know how a simple act of kindness may influence another person. Our acts may have more meaning than we may realize.”

~Lulu, Tanzanian volunteer

Anna continued: “Short-term volunteers can have a direct and indirect impact in the lives of the people in the communities that we serve. Growing up having short – term volunteer in their community helped them dream bigger, pursuit a career and help people around them. Both Lulu and Aneth enjoy helping people, especially working with children, and have the dream to study and become doctors, in order to help people, especially mothers and children in their region and generally in Tanzania. Lulu and Aneth promised to be back after they complete their studies, and I can’t wait to see what these beautiful ladies will become.”  First they can help in a variety of different projects, important for the communities, but also volunteers teach important lessons indirectly, like showing compassion, finding greatness and taking responsibility to make this world a better place. 

short-term volunteers

Lulu and Aneth with the rest of the volunteers’ team and caregivers in Ipalamwa, Tanzania

Global Volunteers enables people of all ages fulfill their volunteer goals through worldwide programs.  Learn more about our volunteer service program in Tanzania and Chat Online with one of our program experts to get started today!

“Thank you once again Global Volunteers for everything that your doing to serve the community of Ipalamwa. Thanks for bringing more volunteers every month, and for all great plans you have for this community. I really appreciate everything that your doing. Thank you.”

~Anna Mwenda

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