Today the volunteers awoke to the sound of the ‘Mistral’, the famous wind that brought waves crashing into the shore just outside the Hotel Cleo. Our tranquil Adriatic Sea was transformed into a beautiful crashing and raging sea.

Students Love A Selfie

Students Love Selfies

School continued until noon and the volunteers could teach as many as four classes. Some went to teacher, Maria’s first year class. Students were intrigued by a tri lingual the story from Canada told by  one of our volunteers.

(L-R) Susan Laudicina,  teacher,  Elaine Burke

Volunteers With Teacher

Then we broke into smaller groups to correct the students experiences dealing with housing and furnishings. Some joined a class in English literature, where kids are studying Shakespeare. one reported she had good results in her class with a fantasy game called ‘25’.   Students imagine they are 25 years old and s;peculated on what their lives would be like. The volunteers took lunch at a ‘tavola calda’ named Hakuna Matata. Later, while  ‘Mistral’ raged outside, tutoring of the adults continued inside the hotel.

Three members of the group attended an early evening cooking class, while others dined at the hotel.


Our Team Chefs For A Night  Pasta! Pasta!


Penned by Susan






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