A Time To Pause and Reflect………

We are  nearing the end of our two week stay in Monopoli!

I am just beginning to feel comfortable at school with the teachers and the students, finally getting the hang of things.  As we participate in our daily wrap ups,  I can see that everyone  has their own individual way of working with the students.   Some of us are more playful than others. whereas, some and can really get students to talk and sing.  I was very fortunate to have teamed up with teachers, who have the same interest as I have – history and sociology.  I could not compete with my colleagues and talk about  American films or popular American music.   I therefore relied on what I know best: the traditions and values of the various North American cultures.


A Wonderful Dinner  In A Lovely Setting                 Host, Christian Treated Us Very Well

We braved a rainly evening and dined at the lovely restaurant in the Piazza Garibaldi called ‘La Locanda’ -The Inn.  The gnocchi, orecchiette, and salad were delicious.  The owner, Christian, was especially hospitable.  We were offered Prosecco as an aperitif and sherry as a digestif

 The rain had finally stopped and we slowly walked back to the hotel.  It was the end of another nice and friendly day.

Penned by Jeanne

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