It is now day six of our volunteer experience. We arrived promptly at 8:00 A.M. at the school.  Some of us went with teacher, Maria.  She was a substitute teacher for a class of first-year students.  Their level of English was very basic and I thought, “Even I can teach this class!”  They were a  very nice group of students – all girls.   The next class was studying Shakespeare. Each student discussed their respective assignment.   Their understanding of Shakespeare was amazing. The next class I went to was with teacher, Rita, where my partner and I were assigned to a small group of students.

After we finished, we proceeded to have a lunch of spaghetti with pesto and spaghetti marinara. Then, it  was back to the hotel, where I met with Mima, my adult student.   We engaged in conversational English, touring  the sea by car.  It was an excellent method for practicing English and also a very nice way to see a port near Monopoli. We had a cappuccino in small fishing village.  Upon returning to the hotel,  all volunteers  had a meeting, where we filled out paperwork  and discussed the current and next few days activities.



It is always an adventure in Monopoli.

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