Greece is the land of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, lust and beauty .Thus, the air of Greece naturally has romance in it. The ancient belief of Greece is that Cupid, the son of Aphrodite causes the emotion of love between two people. Cupid plays a big role in making  a  couple fall in love. The symbol of Cupid is that  of a small mischievous winged child whose arrow pierces the heart


The  of celebration of Valentine’s Day in Greece has  changed greatly over the centuries, giving up the ancient traditions and customs. The elegant Greek heritage, sheer romance of their culture, and the colossal dignity offers a classical dimension to the celebration of Valentine Day celebrations. This day is considered a time to forgive and forget. There is an epic tale in Greece that, in the days of the ancient Greeks,  Valentine’s Day first made its presence as a day to celebrate the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera. Following this myth, Greek people started celebrating Valentine’s Day .


Valentines Traditions in Greece
Young men and women today spend Valentine’s Day in each other’s company .Men offer gifts of flower bouquets, chocolate candies, soft toys and perfume. Even though Greek men consider Valentine’s Day  a day to pamper their sweethearts, they also accepts  gifts from their lovers. Men prefer gifts which are useful  rather than romantic. They receive gifts such as electronic gadgets, books and watches.  Many couples settle for a romantic dinner in a nearby restaurant or a visit to a movie.


. Valentine’s Day in Greece is traditionally celebrated with style  and young men still consider this day to propose  or get married.






Meet Mr Potato….found this “heart shaped” potato in our local supermarket yesterday. Coincidence ????



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