Vaka 151 139

This is the last week of service for the remaining Vaka Team members.   We were 15 and are now 7 members strong as the others completed their service. (it is yet to be determined if we are the Magnificent 7 or the Seven Dwarfs!)

I want to share some of the team observations and learnings from the first two weeks of service.

  • The people of Rarotonga are amazing. The Air NZ flight attendants set the stage with their friendliness and responsiveness to our every need.   On the plane we met our first local friend, Macan Munokoa.  She owns the Turamatuitui Bakery.   Macan’s description of the island and the people heightened our excitement to start our adventure.  First introduction to James and Debi was more like meeting old friends than first time acquaintances.   I certainly felt welcomed.
  • I have found everyone I encountered to be approachable. In every conversation the people of Raro are friendly, caring and very helpful.   When talking they look you in the eye, fully answer your question and are totally engaged.
  • You sense the pride of home and family.
  • Children are cherished. Most importantly, they are allowed to be kids!
  • EVERYONE belongs to someone.
  • I feel safe here.
  • When people find out we are from Global volunteers they express their appreciation for our service.
  • I have not heard anything negative from local people.
  • Food is fantastic. The local beer is fantastic.
  • Everyone on the Vaka 151 team is dedicated to providing meaningful service.
  • If the children are the predictors of the future, Raro, is in really good hands.

Linn Joanis

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