Why volunteer in Greece

Lynn has volunteered in Greece three times in the last four years. Having fallen in love with the country,  Lynn tells us why you should volunteer in Greece as well.

 Why Volunteer in Greece,  as Lynn tells it:

Greece is a welcoming, warm country. The weather is just great, sunny and beautiful. And there is the free time. There are an unlimited amount of things to do. There are so many archaeological, cultural, and entertainment sites to visit.

The location of the service program itself is also great. You can go to Heraklion in 20 minutes. In general, public transportation is excellent.

“Many people have heard about the economy in Greece. It is bad, but that has nothing to do with how beautiful and accessible the country is. For instance, people are just not aware of how safe it is. You can walk around at night and nobody bothers you.”

The hotel [where volunteers stay at] is right at the resort area and just two blocks from the beach. The staff at the hotel are really nice and they treat you like family.

Why Volunteer in Greece

Photo of Creete, Greece. Taken by Lynn, a volunteer serving in Greece.

The impact of volunteering in Greece:

Global Volunteers helps the community in Crete by providing free conversational English classes. This is important for the community as a struggling economy is more competitive, and so every skill a person can acquire is much more valuable. The chance to learn English, especially in such a touristic place, for free, increases greatly the opportunities of the children and youth in Crete.

No wonder why people are so thankful. As Lynn recalls:

“Today I was talking to a person at a shop, and she said ‘it is wondefull what you are doing.’ People thank you even in the street and shops. I have participated on some volunteer programs in the US as well, but I had not seen so much thankfulness from the people as I see here in Crete.”

Lynn mentions that one of the reasons she keeps coming back is that she loves to see how children progress. They are really trying and learning. And since many of the children have not been off the island, the classes gives them an opportunity to learn about other cultures.

Also, through the English classes she has become friends with many of the people she teaches, and they keep in touch with her on Facebook. Should she explain why building friendships is good?

Speaking about the personal impact of serving in Greece, Lynn says:

“The services is mutually beneficial. It’s personally satisfying when you see the children run to you to hug you. You definitely grow personally through service.”

Finally, Lynn adds:

“Every time I come there are more opportunities here. There is the situation with refugees. There are children that have been abandoned. There are multiple opportunities to help.”

So now you know why volunteer in Greece. There are many opportunities to serve, enjoy, learn, know people, grow, and help in Crete. It is for you to take the opportunity.

Why Volunteer in Greece

Photo of Creete, Greece. Taken by Lynn, a volunteer serving in Greece.

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