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Busy Day at Schools

Mary and Dave continued their testing of grade 8 students’ reading. Generally, students were able to correctly read the words but often struggled with their meaning. The highlight of their day was a teacher popping in to ask about her students’ progress and wanted to know which students most needed her attention. Three students in […]

Award for Global Volunteers!

Thanks to the work of more than 3, 000 volunteers for the people from the region of Siedlce, Poland, Global Volunteers has been recognized with the prestigious Ludomir Benedyktowicz Award in the field of language education of the children and youth in particular. The volunteers have received many words of appreciation for their work and […]


Moses is Married! – The Practice of Dowry Explained

By Tanzania Country Manager Edward Mgeni Our friend and Global Volunteer program assistant Moses Kifyasi has married Zamuda  Mgaya.  On this occasion, it is interesting to describe our practice of a dowry before a marriage can be permitted.  This is my experience as a life-long villager in Pommern. When deciding a dowry in this community [The […]

Our Last Day at Reymontowka

Our last day at Reymontowka Manor started as our campers preparing for the evening’s performance. Each volunteer teacher spent every possible moment reviewing their presentation. Each volunteer was so proud of their group and wanted to support the campers as much as possible. The third hour of the morning was a presentation by Veronica and […]

Great show of heritage

Message of the Day: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.. the courage to change the things I can…and the wisdom to know the difference”.  Shared by Greg Our team of early risers had breakfast of  apple fritters (racuchy) and lots of coffee. After  the meeting and  Message of the […]