A Student’s Perspective of English Lessons

Dear Pam, I was so happy to be with you yesterday. At first, I was very nervous, but then, I was absolutely free. All was very wonderful. I planned to take you to some beauty spots but those places you had been before. Its only thing I felt “what a pity!”. although I was with […]


New Work at IP Beja

We volunteers continue to travel in various directions, off to our assigned schools in Beja and beyond. Some need to arrive by 8:15 am, while others don’t start teaching until 3:00 pm. In spite of our diverse schedules, we are a very harmonious group of 13, and enjoy catching up with each other at meal […]


Summer English Language Camp in Zakopane, Poland

volunteer in Poland

The months of June and July blossoms with the beginning of the summer English language camps in Poland. Teams of volunteers who arrive in Siedlce and Zakopane eager to work with elementary school and high school students play a very crucial role in educating the future leaders of Poland. The conversational English exercises take the form […]


Reflections on Volunteering in Peru

Volunteering at La Molina

If you are thinking about volunteering in Peru and teaching conversational English, here are two testimonies about volunteering at La Molina University. By Rick Coger: I volunteered to come to Peru in order to participate in the facilitating of teaching conversational English at the National Agriculture University at La Molina. My personal reason for coming […]

Kunming-A Place for a Cool Summer and a Warm Heart

(with pictures from the summer programs in 2008) This is going to be Global Volunteers’s 5th summer in the City of Eternal Spring (Chinese nickname for Kunming). Our hosts are getting excited and prepared to welcome three teams of our volunteers in June, July and August, Team 174, 175 and 176. Team 174 (starting on […]

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Choose China for a Challenge

Ready for the “Adventure of a Lifetime?” I recommend Kunming, China with Global Volunteers! Working with the English teachers in the Kunming Global Volunteers program last year reminded me of the time very many years ago when I was a student teacher and a first and second year teacher. My teaching partner, Dr. Martin Choy, […]