Today, some of us go to the English class at the Community Center. Everyone else goes to their assignments.  Sandy tells me that the workers at the Church pulled 50 – 2 x 12 x 18” cement blocks up to the second floor dorm to build a new wall.  Gail was there to help with the grouting. I am amazed at the new people we are still attracting to our English lessons. But then again, I am not that surprised. This is how it goes on “first” Global Volunteer teams. If we build it, they will come. What impresses me is their enthusiasm and commitment to these classes. I do not know how much English is being learned, but I do know how many relationships are being formed!

Tonight at class,  44 students showed up. The Community Center is loud and alive. Before we leave, Juan Carolos gathers the team to give a heartfelt tribute to us. He points to the Global Volunteers sign on the wall that reads “leave your mark on the world” and states that we have left a “mark on his heart.”  Life is truly made up of the moments that take our breath away, not the number of breaths we take. I love Cuba. – Sue

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