Marietta teaching conversational English

The first Global Volunteers team to Cuba was Marietta Quinby’s fourth program overall and Randy Quinby’s third program overall. You could definitely consider them a dynamite volunteer couple. They both agree that being part of America’s first legal service program to Cuba with Global Volunteers was something special. “Everywhere we went in Ciego de Avila, Cuba – in the classrooms, the churches, walking on the streets – people celebrated that we were there to work with them as volunteers, ” Marietta explains. “Cubans look forward to more Americans coming to their country.”

The Quinby’s valued the opportunity to connect daily with the local people in Ciego de Avila. “This was heart-to-heart service, ” Randy says, “We connected with all sectors of society – farmers, bee-keepers, maids, students, church-goers, and everyone on the street. What united us was work, laughter, and music…. Regardless of governments, people will still connect.

Waging peace through understanding between cultures is what Global Volunteers is all about, and the Quinby’s are believers in this system. “I value the peace efforts we all can make – one person at a time – by building our commonalities by sharing our lives, ” Marietta concludes.

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